CSHTML pages porting with AWS Porting assistant


Wants to know, while using porting assistant for a .Net framework MVC application to .Net Core, will porting assistant helps to port the CSHTML pages too. Till what extent it manages the porting for the html pages.

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Hi, .Net core does support the razor templates which are added in .Net framework MVC. During porting we move cshtml files under views to appropriate directory (pages) ensuring we do maintain the project structure defined by .Net core. We don't port any attributes in cshtml as part of porting, since most of them are compatible with .Net core. On the same note we also do support porting of Webforms to Blazor (converting aspx pages to cshtml). If you are specifically looking for any html attribute which is not supported with .Net core please reach out to us at aws-porting-assistant-support@amazon.com. We can assist you with porting questions/issues

answered 7 months ago

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