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/AppSync (CF): Does DbClusterIdentifier expect an ARN or a name?/

AppSync (CF): Does DbClusterIdentifier expect an ARN or a name?



I have a question about the DbClusterIdentifier field for AppSync RelationalDatabase RdsHttpEndpointConfig (

Doc states: "The database cluster identifier of the rdshttpendpoint."
But it seems not to be working, and instead, it should be the cluster's ARN.
See this issue:

Is the doc wrong?

Bonus question:
How to get a Cluster's ARN from CF? According to the doc:
Neither Ref, nor Fn::GetAtt expose it.

Thank you

2 Answers
Accepted Answer

Issue is correct, the dbClusterIdentifier is an ARN. I will make a note to update the documentation to specify this.

answered 3 years ago

Awesome, thank you

answered 3 years ago

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