AWS Wrangler Error HIVE_METASTORE_ERROR: Table is missing storage descriptor


Hi! hope you can help me with a concern about an error with awswrangler. this is the case: i have 2 aws accounts, AccountA and AccountB, both with lakeformation enabled, i have a set of databases in AccA and another set in AccB, so we share AccountB databases to AccountA through lakeformation so we can query their Db/tables with Athena in AccountA.

i am trying to automate a sql with python, so i'm using awswrangler to achieve this, but i'm getting a not very specific error when in run the query in python.

when i run "select * from DatabaseAccB.Table" get this error "HIVE_METASTORE_ERROR: Table is missing storage descriptor" what could be the cause? i tried with boto3.Athena session and same result.

this may should help, when i query select * from DatabaseAccB.Table with my user, this runs fine. but when i try to do it with lambda or glue job, fails with error mentioned before.

PD: AccountA has only select/describe permission on tables in AccountB. Can show some code if you need.


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If you are sharing the table via LakeFormation, every role/user trying to access the table should be granted permission explicitly. Please make sure that lambda's role & Glue job's role are granted permissions on the table in LakeFormation.

answered 2 years ago

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