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Source IP using PrivateLink and NLB


Setup: Server1 (VPC-A) -> PrivateLink (VPC-B)-> NLB (VPC-B) -> Server2 (VPC-B)

The application (server 2) needs to know the source IP of the consumer (server 1). What will be the visible source IP on server2? Is it the private IP of server1 or the NLB if not, then how can we get it?

asked 3 years ago380 views
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Accepted Answer

Server 2 will see the connection initiated from one of the NLB private IP address. If you need the IP addresses of the service consumers (server1) and their corresponding interface endpoint IDs, enable Proxy Protocol on your NLB and get the client IP addresses from the Proxy Protocol header.

answered 3 years ago
  • This link seems to be out of date. This one contains details on how to enable Proxy Protocol

  • I am facing a similar issue. I have enabled Proxy Protocol on my Network Load Balancer and my ingress understands Proxy Protocol. However, the IP Address seen is only a local address from within the VPC. How do I get the client's IP Address?

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