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/AWS Lambda NodeJS compatibility issues./

AWS Lambda NodeJS compatibility issues.


I am working on AWS project by freecodecamp (link: This project is an online book store website which focuses on Amplify, AppSync, DynamoDB, S3 and Lambda.

At about 28:00, the mentor uses amplify push to push resources to cloud, but I'm getting incompatibility errors regarding Node JS. Screenshot URL:

Github link for code:

Please Help me.

  • Hello ))) yes the 10.X runtime is not supported anymore. Update the runtime version to the last one and all would work )))

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Hi, NodeJS 10 is not supported anymore by AWS Lambda. Versions 12 and 14 are supported (doc). The version of amplify cli you use (4.24 according to the video), is a bit old (~2 years) and was using NodeJS 10. You should update to a more recent version of amplify cli: npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli. Note that the content in the GitHub repo may not be compatible with a more recent version of the cli...

answered a month ago

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