How to send data from IoT Core rules to IoT SiteWise


Hi everyone, I'm relatively new on AWS. I currently receive data in a Rule in IoT Core (MQTT) using SDK in the information source. This data needs to be send to IoT SiteWise to trade it. In the AWS SiteWise manual, I have seen ways to do that using Greengrass, but I cannot use this option (company politics). I tried to do what it's explined in the folloing link: The problem is that, on that link it doesn't explain how to configure an IAM role. I also found this link: But in my opinion, it's not completely answered. I have also found information about Device Shadow, but in my case, I prefer to use the Rule, thus I already receive information there, and I have not understood the way to install the "connect the device package" in my device. How can I take the values from my Rule (or it can be also from S3) and trend it in IoT SiteWise?


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Hi Eduardo,

you can find a sample IAM policy to route data from AWS IoT Core to AWS IoT Sitewise in the related rule documentation.

You can create an IAM role for with a trust relationship for IoT Core and attach the policy.


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