p3 instance types are not showing up for AWS Deep Learning AMIs



I am following the instructions here: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/machine-learning/get-started-with-deep-learning-using-the-aws-deep-learning-ami/

However, no p3 instances show up in step 3a for me to choose, and I'd like to use those instances (that have GPUs) for training deep models.

I had opened a free AWS account a number of years ago, and am now trying to set it up again for Deep Learning, and I understand that using GPU instances is not free, but I don't even get to choose one to configure it, and I am not sure if something is wrong with my account settings. Please help.


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I figured p3 instances were not showing because of the AWS region that I was assigned. I changed that to Oregon and that fixed the problem. I hope you update your instructions to save other users time.

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