DX connect traffic via the non associated region caveats


A customer is looking to establish a connectivity between their onPrem DC in Oslo, Norway to our Stockholm region. Currently the only DX provider mentioned here is DigiPlex Ulven, Oslo, Norway and that has associated region as Frankfurt. They prefer to use a DX provider in Norway. Now the question is:

  • Will using this provider add extra latency via Direct connect gateway when talking to workload in Stockholm region?

  • Any other approach/options that can be considered here ?

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you can check out the FAQ here

Q. If I use Direct Connect gateway, does my traffic to the desired AWS Region go via the associated home AWS Region?

No. When using Direct Connect gateway, your traffic will take the shortest path from your Direct Connect location to the destination AWS Region and vice versa regardless of the associated home AWS Region of the Direct Connect location that you are connected at.

Note in direct connect resiliency recommendations we do recommend for them to be location redundant (in two direct connect locations).

As per alternatives, they could use VPN over the internet, but if they are concerned for latency this probably doesn't fit, or use a partner to backhaul from their location to another Direct Connect location.

answered 4 years ago

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