What does a AWS::Serverless::Function DeploymentPreference Type of AllAtOnce actually do?


When using an AWS SAM template to define an AWS::Serverless::Function, what practical difference is there between not specifying a DeploymentPreference property and specifying one with a Type of AllAtOnce?

With this minimal configuration (no Alarms or Hooks specified), is the end result somewhat identical in that the new version is immediately published? Presumably the CodeDeploy version creates an alias as well, but are there any other differences to be aware of?

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you, I have already read that and all other documentation I can find on the subject. Unless I'm missing something really obvious, I can't see that it answers my question.

    Specifcally, I note that adding AutoPublishAlias alone will create an alias on the Lambda function. What difference does adding a DeploymentPreference with Type AllAtOnce make compared to not adding it at all (other than the obvious that it creates CodeDeploy resources - but what effect does that actually have)?

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