Drop datashare does not allow for re-create and share with same name later?


We created a datashare from our Redshift ETL cluster, and it was in use for a bit on a separate datamart cluster. We removed the datashare from that datamart cluster and deleted it. (the datamart cluster) According to the AWS Console, there was no longer any consumers of the data share. did a DROP DATASHARE datashare_name; from the ETL cluster.

Now I need to create the datashare again with the same name, and share it with a different cluster. No issue with CREATE DATASHARE command, nor the GRANT ALTER, SHARE ON DATASHARE to myself command. But when I try to share it with GRANT USAGE ON DATASHARE datashare_name TO NAMESPACE [REDACTED], it always returns

[0P000] ERROR: The PublishDataShare failed due to duplicate dataShareNames, but the dataShareNames are unique per namespace. customerId is [REDACTED], producerImmutableClusterId is [REDACTED], localShareId is [REDACTED], dataShareName is [FIRST_FEW_LETTERS]

When I use SHOW DATASHARES, it shows this share with a create date of just now. None of svv_datashares, svv_datashare_objects, or svv_datashare_consumers tables show this share.

How can I track down and remove any old shares with this name, so that I can use it? (we have a standard naming schema for our resources that we need to follow)


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Thank you for posting your question, for the above scenario you have described, please create a ticket with the AWS support so they can help you in resolving the issue.

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