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Caps Lock and Num Lock keys not working in Workspace since update


Since the Workspace Client Update to version my num lock and caps lock keys on the keyboard are not working correctly in the workspace. They are opposite on the workspace and local machine. For example - I log onto my workspace with the num lock off and turn it on once I am on my workspace it will work on my workspace but be off on my local machine. If I enable it while working on an application on my local machine it will not work on an application on the workspace. The same thing with the CAPS Lock This is causing users to enter incorrect passwords and not be able to access their workspaces or applications and get locked out. Anyone else experience this since the most recent Workspace client update?

We have clients running the older workspace client who do not have this issue.

  • Having the exact same issue here, after upgrading to 5.2. Just installed the latest fix version (, but the issue is still there.

  • Thanks for the update @simon. We had to go back to version 5.1.0.

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2 Answers

We are seeing 10-key characters not working. Going to try to revert to an earlier client version as waiting for a fix might be a while.

UPDATE: Version 5.1.0 worked for us.

answered a month ago

I did not find the issue resolved until I fell back to 4.0.6

answered 9 days ago

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