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I am currently having a strange problem with my build in the Amplify Console in which the first build performed by the console works only upon the first connection with any individual branch within the repo. Any subsequent builds will fail on the backend step of the build with the following error message:

Error: You are not working inside a valid amplify project.
Use 'amplify init' in the root of your app directory to initialize your project with Amplify

I observed that the first successful build would successfully create the Amplify environment, but subsequent builds would fail to do so. I am stuck as to what is possibly causing this problem. I have already deleted and reinitialized Amplify in my app, and I don't believe there is anything strange with the build settings I am working with. Can anyone offer any help regarding this?

My build settings:

The build logs:

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers

Question was answered after e-mailing support.

answered 4 years ago

Can you please share the solution?

answered 3 years ago

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