Issue: Date and Time on AWS server hosting my WordPress website is off by 8 days in the future.


AWS is hosting our WordPress website and roughly a month ago the pages that use a calendar/time (date & time) are now off by eight (8) days in the future. These are primarily Event pages the now drop off 8 days early (before the event date.) My research as determined it is not a Word Press issue but that the date and time on the server that is hosting the site is off by 8 days and a few hours. Is this setting on the server something I have control access to? If so how? If not how do I go about getting AWS support to look into the issue?

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What you are looking for is a time synchronization service. That will allow you to use NTP to sync the time on your EC2 instances every couple of hours or so. AWS now provides one to all user for free. See here. There is documentation for setting up an NTP client for Amazon Linux and WIndows in the article. If you use Ubuntu, check here

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