AWS WAF - Rate-Based Rule and Eventbridge event notification?


Hi all,

I've tried looking for documentation but am not seeing anything specific. I would like to send a notification to various destinations (Teams channel and e-mail) whenever an AWS WAF Rate-Based Rule is breached. Is this possible?

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You could enable CloudWatch Metrics for the rate-based rule or rules you are interested in. Then configure a CloudWatch alarm for the relevant metric, such as "BlockedRequests" or "CountedRequests" specific to the rule.

You can set the CloudWatch alarm to notify an SNS (Simple Notification Service) topic, which you can further set to send an email or trigger a Lambda function with custom logic. There are step-by-step instructions for delivering SNS notifications to a Teams channel in this article:

Leo K
answered 19 days ago
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reviewed 19 days ago
  • Thanks @Leo K. I was under the impression that Eventbridge was the preferred method but I'll use CloudWatch.

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