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Billing question about CloudFront requests


An account is planing to configure CloudFront to house a large number of custom domains and terminate traffic to the CloudFront origin with a single CLB. To be a little more specific, the configuration will be as follows;

Before: client -> CLB

After: client -> CF* -> CLB

*CloudFront content caching is disabled in this scenario.

In this case, is it correct that the number of requests to be charged for After scenario is roughly twice the total number of GET/HEAD requests recorded in the Before Scenario? ("request for client -> CF" + "request for CF -> CLB")

1 Answer

CloudFront acts as a cache, so it really depends on the distribution of your unique requests. If you get a lot of requests to the same URL with the same parameters then you can set it up so that results in very few origin requests to your CLB. That could translate to some big savings on autoscaled instances behind your CLB for example.

answered 6 months ago
  • Sorry for the insufficient explanation, but CloudFront content caching is disabled in this scenario.

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