I have an unreal engine game and after the game, I am calling ProcessEnd function from gamelift which terminate the session. However, During termination, the game is always throwing error below in event.

Server process failed to cleanly exit within 30 seconds of calling ProcessEnding(), launchPath(C:\game\sdrggr\Binaries\Win64\dghh-Win64-Shipping.exe), arguments(), instanceId(i-0170d0a06dd31432f), publicIP(35.1g.49.179), gameSessionId(arn:aws:gamelift:eu-central-1::gamesession/fleet-363f8cc4-fc5e-4401-b848-3cea72d23af8/gsess-1f4c83f7-59d4-4696-8da6-89fdb62be6d4)

Can someone help me solve this.

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Hi IndieGameDeveloperFromParallelWorld,

The ProcessEnding() documentation says the following:

Notifies the Amazon GameLift service that the server process is shutting down. This method should be called after all other cleanup tasks, including shutting down all active game sessions. This method should exit with an exit code of 0; a non-zero exit code results in an event message that the process did not exit cleanly. Once the method exits with a code of 0, you can terminate the process with a successful exit code. You can also exit the process with an error code. If you exit with an error code, the fleet event will indicated the process terminated abnormally (SERVER_PROCESS_TERMINATED_UNHEALTHY).

You need to terminate the process within 30 seconds of calling ProcessEnding().

answered 2 months ago

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