AWS Lambda - 403 Forbidden Error when Attempting to Create Lambda


I am unable to use the AWS Lambda service and have not found any reasonable explanation as to why.

I can only attempt to create a lambda function from the Lambda > Dashboard using the "Create Function" button, since Lambda > Functions page only displays a banner with the text "UnknownError" (403 response to the GET request to "").

Additional details are below.

  1. Dashboard shows error box with empty message
  2. API returns { "Message" : null } in response to the POST to "" (includes "X-Amzn-Errortype: AccessDeniedException" as a response header)
  3. The user has adequate permission to use Lambda (Full-Access)
  4. Tried creating lambda using Node 18 runtime. Tried from template and from scratch with same result.

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It seems like it has happened to more users, so if you have the correct permission and you are using a correct/valid region, I would suggest you opening a support case to AWS.

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answered 3 months ago
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