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Using the KVS kvs_gstreamer_sample - errors trying to connect



I have followed the instructions to the letter in the YouTube video that Paul Shiner did, and am getting the error:

[INFO ] [24-07-2022 18:22:56:030.560 GMT] Using region: eu-west-2 [INFO ] [24-07-2022 18:22:56:030.899 GMT] Using IoT credentials for Kinesis Video Streams [DEBUG] [24-07-2022 18:22:56:031.895 GMT] Creating IoT auth callbacks. 2022-07-24 18:22:56 ERROR blockingCurlCall(): Curl call response failed with http status 403 [ERROR] [24-07-2022 18:22:56:118.742 GMT] Unable to create Iot Credential provider. Error status: 0x15000025 [ERROR] [24-07-2022 18:22:56:119.167 GMT] Failed to initialize kinesis video with an exception: Unable to create Iot Credential provider. Error status: 0x15000025

I just can't see where the issue is. It's creds related I presume given there's a 403 in there, but I can't see where....

Any idea's?

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So, I found out what it was - fresh pair of eyes and all that.....

In the IoT policy, rather than use the ARN of the Role Alias, I had used the ARN of the IAM role itself.

I changed that, and hey presto, all good.

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answered 18 days ago
  • Great that you found the issue! If this is something that was not clear in the YouTube video, could you post a comment on the video? That way the author, Paul, could look to include an overlay in the relevant area to highlight the Role Alias vs IAMR role ARNs.

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