Creation of VPC doesn't work with AWS Transfer Family: No Address Allocation IDs are currently available


After creating a VPC, when trying to create the server, two issues come up. First, when choosing Internet Facing for access, the issue "No Address Allocation Ids are currently available." and second, "At least one subnet must be specified" pops up when the VPC is selected. However, the option to select the availability zones are all greyed out and I can't choose a subnet.

I checked the VPC and there are 2 subnets already attached and the inbound/outbound rules set to all traffic. What else am I missing?

  • The answer ended up being that the page never updated. For some reason, I decided to navigate out of the create page and go back in to create the server again and that worked.

    So clicking (create server -> clicking create VPC (which opens a new tab) -> clicking the refresh button next to create VPC) creates a weird issue where the subnets can't be specified. Not sure why.

1 Answer

The error usually appears if you have no available elastic IPs in the region. Please take a look at your available elastic IPs by following steps here Describe your Elastic IP addresses. If there is no elastic IP, make sure to allocate one. Once you have at least one available elastic IP, try it again.

answered 2 months ago

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