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I need a ec2 quota increase. I applied and was given a partial increase. When I went to use it, I was told I couldn’t create the instance because I exceeded my limit. The old limit. After trying a few times, I went back and saw my request required customer action, I didn’t see anything I could do but make it resolved. I did, and I have my old limit. What was I supposed to do?

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Please try applying again from Service Quota.

EC2 quotas are limited by region, so when applying, please select the region you are using.

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answered 22 days ago

If you've applied for an EC2 quota increase and received a partial increase, but you're encountering issues with the new limit, it's possible that additional actions or information are required to finalize the request. Here are steps you can take to address the situation:

Review Request Status: Go to the AWS Service Quotas console: AWS Service Quotas. Check the status of your quota increase request. Look for any messages or notifications that provide details on why the request is pending or not fully processed.

View Request Details: If your request requires customer action, there should be details or instructions on what needs to be done. Click on the request for the EC2 quota increase to view more information.

Follow Instructions: If there are specific actions required from your end, follow the instructions provided in the request details. Look for any comments or messages from AWS indicating what additional information or steps are needed.

Contact AWS Support: If you cannot find clear instructions or if the request status is not changing after you've marked it as resolved, consider reaching out to AWS Support for assistance. Open a support ticket through the AWS Support Center explaining the situation and providing details about your quota increase request.

Double-Check Limits: After you've taken the necessary actions and marked the request as resolved, confirm that the new limit has been applied. Go to the EC2 console, navigate to the "Limits" page, and verify that the new limit is reflected.

Check for Communication from AWS: Keep an eye on your AWS account email address for any communication from AWS regarding your quota increase request. AWS may send important notifications or requests for additional information via email.

Reapply for Quota Increase: If the issue persists, and you've followed all instructions, consider reapplying for the quota increase with the necessary information and any additional details requested. Remember that AWS Service Quotas requests may sometimes require manual review or additional information for security and compliance reasons. If you are unable to resolve the issue through the AWS Service Quotas console, AWS Support should be able to provide further assistance and clarification on the status of your request

answered 22 days ago

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