How can I cause a failover on an Aurora Serverless v1 DB Cluster with no instances?


End goal: I'm trying to demonstrate the ability of an application to continue operations after a database failover without manual intervention.


  • Db family: aurora-mysql5.7
  • Db engine ver: 2.11.1

Some Attempts:

  • aws rds failover-db-cluster. This results in "You cannot failover DB Cluster with Aurora Serverless"
  • aws rds stop-db-cluster. States it's "not supported for these configurations"
  • modifying the cluster capacity to 0. Only allows for values between 1 - 256

My understanding is I can't use a cluster failover command as with Aurora Serverless the process is automatic. Are there any changes I could make which could guarantee a failover would occur under normal circumstances?

1 Answer

When you have 2 instances in an aurora cluster, you can restart the writer and this will automatically promote the reader to a writer and the old writer becomes a reader.

That would be your failover demonstration.

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answered a year ago

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