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/Oracle Migration from on-premises using DMS and Rman/

Oracle Migration from on-premises using DMS and Rman


Customer that is testing the migration process from Oracle On-premises to Oracle on EC2. They're performing:

  1. backup using RMAN from an Oracle Database 11GR2 on-premises.
  2. Restore it on Oracle 18c with upgrade option on EC2.
  3. Start a replication from on-premises 11G to ec2 18c AWS using SCN.

Does it work?

As I could see in our documentation we can do it using datapump: But can we do the same steps and instead of datapump use rman?

Thank you very much!

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Accepted Answer

Simple answer to your question is, Yes it'll work. Only point customer should understand is that SCN should be taken before starting the RMAN. Then when you start replication you need to specify the SCN that was noted earlier. This way customer will be able to ensure all changes before the start of RMAN are being captured in pushed to target database.

However I have worked with few customers who have successfully migrated using combination of Datapump (for Full load) and CDC (for ongoing replication changes) using the blog already mentioned by you.

answered 2 years ago

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