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Invalid parameter "codeHook" when calling UpdateIntent API of LexV2



I need to enable CodeHooks for IntentConfirmation through a call to the UpdateIntent API for a LexV2 bot.

I see in the documentation it should be possible with the parameter "intentConfirmationSetting" with the "codeHook" field but when I try I have the following error:

["errorMessage": "Parameter validation failed:\nUnknown parameter in intentConfirmationSetting: "codeHook", must be one of: promptSpecification, declinationResponse, active"].

My bot seems misaligned with the doc: ( any idea to solve the issue ?

FYI my bot has been created on the 7th of September so with the last version of LexV2.

Thank You

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Generally, the Unknown parameter/Parameter validation failed can hint at issues with the version of SDK/CLI on the client's end. Updating/upgrading your SDK version or CLI version should be the first step to check if you are still receiving the error.

Similar error have also been reported for service like ECS etc where the Parameter validation failed due to usage of older SDK version.

However, if you receive errors when running AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) commands, then please make sure that you're using the most recent AWS CLI version.

Installing or updating the latest version of the AWS CLI -

Additionally, you can check the version of your CLI using aws --version command.

If the suggestions above do not help resolve the issue, we might need to troubleshoot based on your configurations. Could you please create a support case instead so we may discuss details on your resource configurations?

Please do not post any sensitive information over re:Post since this is a public platform.

As always, feel free to reach back with any further questions or concerns in the meantime!

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answered 17 days ago

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