Running Safari browser testing in AWS


We are currently running UI tests against our application in our AWS Account against Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers using Selenium Grid running on ECS.

We would like to also run tests against the Safari browser. As Safari can't run on Docker we can't use ECS. AWS Device Farm also does not currently support Safari.

We are investigating other options to run tests against Safari such as using a Safari Selenium node running on EC2 (running MacOS). Does anyone have any experience with running tests against the Safari browser in AWS?

  • I am from the AWS Device Farm team. Would you open to have a call about this ? Curious to learn about your setup and see if we can help you.

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As of writing, only option with AWS seems to be use EC2 for Mac, even M1 and manage your own infrastructure, however it can be a bit expensive. Apple also restricts a VM to be used at least 24 hours upon creation.

answered a year ago

Thanks @mustafaAkin.

@Nikhil_D yes sure I would be open to a call discuss.

answered a year ago

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