I want to upgrade my AWS instance from RHEL8 to 9 but it won't let me as my subscription status is unknown.


When checking my subscription status it shows unknown.

subscription-manager list --installed

+-------------------------------------------+ Installed Product Status +-------------------------------------------+ Product Name: Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86_64 Product ID: 479 Version: 8.10 Arch: x86_64 Status: Unknown Status Details: Starts: Ends:

When i run leapp preupgrade i get the following in the report.

Risk Factor: high (inhibitor) Title: Package "leapp-rhui-aws" is not installed Summary: On AWS the "leapp-rhui-aws" is required to perform an in-place upgrade Remediation: [command] yum install -y leapp-rhui-aws

I am not able to locate leapp-rhui-aws in my available repositories.

Is there any AWS Documentation for performing the inplace upgrade? I have done this many times outside of AWS.

Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

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I think what you need is here: https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/9/html/upgrading_from_rhel_8_to_rhel_9/assembly_preparing-for-the-upgrade_upgrading-from-rhel-8-to-rhel-9

Step 10: If you are upgrading by using Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI) on a public cloud, enable required RHUI repositories and install required RHUI packages to ensure your system is ready for upgrade:

dnf config-manager --set-enabled rhui-client-config-server-8
dnf -y install leapp-rhui-aws

Hope this helps!

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  • When i try to enable that repository i am getting the message that it does not exist.

    dnf config-manager --set-enabled rhui-client-config-server-8

    Updating Subscription Management repositories. Unable to read consumer identity Error: No matching repo to modify: rhui-client-config-server-8.

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