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Change ElasticSearch search.max_open_scroll_context



Who do I request to change the ElasticSearch search.max_open_scroll_context parameter to unlimited?


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Accepted Answer

In order to request a change to search.max_open_scroll_context in Amazon Opensearch, you will need to contact AWS premium support team. Setting the scroll value to higher value is not recommended in general as Scroll API also keeps a track of deleted or updated documents hence increasing the heap memory and disk usage. Hence, the limit of 500 is a safety net defined by the ElasticSearch to avoid any negative impacts on heap memory and disk usage.

That being said, because of managed nature of Amazon Opensearch service this setting can only be changed by opensearch internal team. If you would still like to go ahead and increase this setting, reach out to AWS support team via a support ticket with a specific value you would like it to be increased to.

Note: Please note that this setting will set back to default value (500) when the blue/green deployment is triggered due to a configuration change like version upgrade, changing instance type etc.

answered 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
  • In short: Do not change the search.max_open_scroll_context parameter.

    We started having problems, after we changed from version 6.8 to 7.7. There it was unlimited.

    Vamos implementar uma alternativa para rolar.


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