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Does AWS DMS load full binlog from source regardless if you only need a table or two?


I need to replicate specific tables from a MySQL instance with large row binlog. Does AWS DMS get all binlog from source to DMS instance and filter from DMS instance to target?

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Per the documentation, a full binlog is required when using MySQL as a source. DMS will filter based on which databases and tables you are replicating.

Documentation here:

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answered a month ago

based on the number of tables involved dms will query the binlog (log mining) for ddl/dml changes and wont get full binlog to dms instance.

answered a month ago

There's no separation of tables in the binlog. All transactions / datapages for all tables (and objects) are kept there in serialized mode. Maybe in the future it could happen, given the source is open to handle this. This is done this way for consistency enforcement (transaction serialization) with rollback in mind either. Its very possible today to restore a database in a separate server, and then do the import on the required server Another alternative is to export the snapshot to s3 for the specific table. Check this out

answered a month ago

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