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CodePipeline Deployment to include files such as png, js, and css


I would think that what I am trying to do is very common and can only assume I am just doing something wrong here. I've been experimenting for the past few weeks with using CodePipleline to "CICD" my sample .NET RazorPages app.

Everything runs fine locally. Static files such as css and js files load into page. In fact, can publish to my RazorPages app directly to a ElasticBeanstalk instance using my AWS Toolkit in VS 2022. Again no problems.

Enter image description here

However, things seems to go sideways when I use CodePipeline. Despite all my efforts, it seems the deploy process will not transfer over some of the files from my code repo (GitHub). More specifically, things located in the wwwroot folder. Enter image description here

No errors from the source, build or deploy events in the pipeline. Nothing.

I keep circling back to my buildspec.yml file ( but can't seem to get anything to be picked up in the files list.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Pointers or assistance would be appreciated!