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/Why is there a strict rule of number of brokers as multiple of AZ?/

Why is there a strict rule of number of brokers as multiple of AZ?


AWS MSK allows the number of brokers only as multiple of the number of availability zones selected.
It is recommended for a well-balanced infra, but why is has this been enforced?

I can't have 4/5 brokers in my 3 AZs & will therefore have to bear x2 cost instead.

1 Answers

We keep a consistent number of brokers across AZs and recommend that replication factors are set to at least 3 and replicas placed to ensure placement across all 3 AZs. This is intended to preserve the durability and availability of your cluster in case of a failure in an AZ. The availability aspect is the most significant factor in balancing brokers across AZs, since the loss of a single AZ in an unbalanced cluster would have a disproportional impact on the other two AZ's brokers, and lead to unpredictable availability. This explains why this is a best practice. The service design enforces this best practice, while simplifying operations, by keeping the broker numbers synchronized across AZs.

answered 9 months ago

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