Export to CSV in NoSQL workbench exports only those that is shown in the grid


Hi, I started using NoSQL workbench today. I am able to connect and view the Dynamo DB table in my AWS account.

I set the 'Item count per page' to 100 .... but that also applies to Export to CSV. I am able to export only 100 at a time.

How can I export ALL, records that satisfy the GSI being used.

thanks Jeevan

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Hi Jeevan,

There are a few ways of doing this with NoSQL Workbench. Have a read of the NoSQL Documentation for Building Complex Operations which will take you through different ways of handling data.

A couple of approaches to look at:

  1. Build a Scan operation using the Operation Builder. Select the Connection, Region and Table to query, make sure "Interface-based operations" is selected, then click on "Expand Operation" near the top of the screen. Here you can choose "Scan" against your table which will retrieve all the data from your table, which you can then Export to CSV.

  2. Build a PartiQL operation using the Operation Builder. Again select the Connection, Region and Table to query but this time select "PartiQL operations" at the top of the screen. Now you can write PartiQL statements to extract data as you need from your table, and again Export to CSV is available once you've extracted the data.

Please note that extracting all data from DynamoDB can carry out a Scan on your entire DynamoDB and if you're working with large amounts of data, please be aware of the DynamoDB Pricing information before you run your extracts.

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