Strange CloudFront edge server selection for requests from Austria



we noticed that customers from Austria (e.g. from IP range, which is Magenta) are no longer hitting the CloudFront edge servers in Vienna (VIE50-C1 and VIE50-C2) but now they hit the server in Berlin (TXL52-C1), which is rather strange because the server in Berlin is not the closest one and ping tests also confirm that latencies are now worse than before.

Before, the RTT was about 14ms for VIE50-C1/2 and it has now increased to ~35ms for TXL52-C1.

I don't see any problems mentioned at

Would be great if someone from AWS could investigate this. Thanks in advance!

Best regards

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1 Answer

Now, users from aforementioned IP range (all based in Austria) are routed to the edge location in Budapest (BUD50-C1) which is closer than Berlin but still not as close as Vienna.

Can someone from AWS please look into why the VIE50-C1/2 edge locations are not used for requests from even though it would be closer and have less latency?


answered 3 years ago

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