Personalize filter - Interactions dataset error.


Getting this error when trying to add filter on other metadata for interactions dataset. "Could not create filter: Interaction dataset supports condition on only event_type field." Can anyone confirm if we can add the filter on only the event_type for interactions?

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Quoting Amazon Personalize documentation and the link to it, in case you want to further research the topic: "You can use filter expressions to include or exclude items or users based on interactions data. For example, you can exclude items that a user has clicked (for item recommendations), or include only users who have rated items (for the Item-Affinity recipe). For all recipe types, you can filter only based on event type. You can't filter based on other interaction metadata, such as contextual metadata."

You can also provide further context of the challenge you are trying to solve, perhaps there is another way to resolve it.

Best, Nensi

answered 4 months ago

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