Cant get WP Mail SMTP plugin to Wordpress Lightsail to work.


Trying to configure WP Mail SMTP plugin to Wordpress Lightsail but no success. I guess the problem is the firewall. I'm using an "other" SMPT, not within AWS at port 25. Enter image description here. The SMTP is working. Is there some problem with port 25, or am i opening the port wrong?

All i want to do is to have my server send a message when it wants/needs.

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Hello and thank you for choosing Lightsail!

As indicated in luis's answer, AWS does by default block traffic on port 25 initially. Lightsail instances have the same behavior and we have a guide to step you through the process:

I hope this helps!


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answered 2 months ago

AWS by default blocks the traffic on the port 25. Check-out this resource:

answered 2 months ago

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