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Cloudfront cost by distribution


I would like to know how can I get the billing of AW Cloudfront by distribution ? With the new billing console, I can't get the old CSV by ressource for the previous month.

3 Answers

Have a look at the Cost And Usage Report which allows you to publish your cost and billing data to an Amazon S3 bucket , which you can later query , using Athena . The following example query will return the CloudFront cost , by distribution , including usage (TBs) :

  "line_item_resource_id" as distribution,
  sum("line_item_usage_amount")/1024 as "Usage (TBs)",
  sum("line_item_unblended_cost") as cost
  "line_item_product_code" = 'AmazonCloudFront'
group by
order by
  sum("line_item_unblended_cost") des

In addition , you may look at the Query Library for additional queries that you could use (CloudFront or other services). All reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.

answered a month ago

You can view this with a nice visualization that is also customizable by deploying the Cloud Intelligence Dashboards.

Have a look at an example, click on the Data Transfer Summary tab, and scroll all the way to the bottom to see the CloudFront section where you can find visualizations by distribution.

Click here to deploy the CIDs into your own account.

answered a month ago

Take a look at Cost Explorer for this exercise. Applying a unique "Name" tag to each CloudFront distribution, and activating that "Name" tag using these instructions would provide visibility into costs per CloudFront Distribution. Once tagged, the cost data would only be moving forward, not retroactive.

answered a month ago

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