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I have used a Custom CCP using one from Github and when i launch the softphone i get the page display and then pop up for a login, then i log in but it takes me to the amazon connect console in the pop and the main page has a sad face displayed. When i look at Chrome logs i see there is an issue with frame-ancestors.Enter image description here

Has anyone come across this i have added the domain in the amazon connect aws console under origins. Any pointers would be welcome

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Thank you for reaching out to us. I understand that you are not able to load custom CCP iframe due to frame-ancestors issue. This issue is basically from the browser side. Could you please try below options

  1. By enabling 3rd party cookies for the page in the browser and correcting the domain, making sure the instance Access Url domain and the CCP iframe domain match

  2. CSP the Same Origin iframe [1]

Now suppose you want to allow a page to be framed, for example within an iframe, but only from the same site (same origin). In this case you can use : frame-ancestors 'self' And this would allow your iframe code:

<iframe src="/same/site/url.html"> Using frame-ancestors 'self' is similar to using X-Frame-Options: sameorigin Specifying a URI Now suppose we want to allow and to frame our page, we can specify it with frame-ancestors like this: frame-ancestors
  1. Download Ignore X-Frame headers extension for Chrome [2]

Hope this helps.


[1] [2]

answered 3 months ago

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