A static route between instances EC2


hello guys! Could you explain me how I can get working the static route working between two of instance? My design looks like: One is ec2 ubuntu 20. The second is CHR. All is on private network - Ec2 ubuntu is, CHR is I have created the dummy interfaces on the EC2 ubuntu like dummy-1 with IP I have crated a static route on CHR to like next-hop (on the CHR side). But looks like there is no direct connection between instance, all traffic walks over iGW, and no one static route works. Of course I have added a rule in security group to allow Acl on the interfaces has allow all. Bit no ping from CHR to How I can get it working???? help pls.

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So. OK! Fixed. Need to use a check box on the interface: option is "Source/dest check"

Now all works!

answered 24 days ago

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