Timestream - Automatic archiving to S3 after 'n' months?


Hi, I have what I think is a pretty common use case, whereby I'd like to keep "hot" data in my Timestream table memory store for 30 days before moving this to "colder" magnetic storage for keeping for 12 months (all good so far).

After the 12 months is up however, I don't want this data to be simply deleted from the magnetic store, but instead would like to automatically move this data to S3 for long-term archiving in an effort to stop my Timestream table growing indefinitely (primarily as a cost optimisation measure).

What is the recommended way of achieving this? (I note that TimescaleDB does this "automatically" already).

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Hello, I believe this feature could be helpful to your use case https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2023/05/amazon-timestream-unloading-data-amazon-s3/

Please, accept this answer if it was useful to you.

Thank you.

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answered 9 months ago
  • could you let me know if I am using UNLOAD to export results to S3. will it be called moving the data or copying the data. in order to save the storage cost of Timestream I want to archive its data not copy.

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