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can't find where to increase quote for installed 3cx from marketplace , only i find a VPC and even i don't know if it is related to installed 3cx, i don't find any related thing. why asking ? our recording quote on 3cx dashboard is almost 100 % and we were advised to increase the storage on AWS i can't find anything that helps me to increase storage any help ?

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I found the following offer in the marketplace: 3CX Phone System. This is an AMI (Amazon Machine Image), which was likely used to boots up an EC2-instance in your default VPC. Navigate the AWS Console to EC2 and there should be your instance. To add additional storage, you may want to use EBS (Elastic Block Storage) to increase the capacity of your instance, or (depending on the nature of your recordings) you may want to copy the files to S3 or EFS (Elastic File Service).

answered a year ago

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