Are api call rate quotas adjustable in ivs?


I have find API Call Rate Quotas in the ivs document:
It seems that I can only create 5 channels per second. Are these quotas adjustable?

Besides, I have 2 more questions about ivs.

  1. If I have 4 videos playing at the same time, and I want set the first video resolution to 1080P, set other videos to 480P, is this feature supported?
  2. does ivs support aws lambda function?

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The Amazon IVS API transactions per second (TPS) rate is not currently adjustable. It does not appear that there are often cases where more than 5 channels would need to be created within a second, however, we would be happy to evaluate your use case as a product feature request.

  1. Depending on the application of the videos, the video resolution can either be set on the broadcaster side or the player side. For implementation on the broadcaster side, the videos could be combined into a single stream that is then passed to Amazon IVS. An example of this would be a scene within OBS that includes all 4 videos at their respective resolutions. An alternative solution to this would be to have 4 players on the viewer side that are set to different resolutions. Using IVS Player methods such as setQuality ( or setAutoMaxQuality ( would allow for the player(s) to playback at a specified quality (or max ABR quality). However, it is worth noting that each implementation has it's respective pros and cons. For example, having multiple players on the viewer side requires a decent network connection and hardware.

One demo/sample application that may help provide some guidance on how to achieve multiple players, is the Multiple-Players sample application (, which shows how to instantiate multiple Amazon IVS players simultaneously.

  1. Amazon IVS currently works with AWS Lambda function(s). However, please feel free to specify a more specific question regarding the integration of Amazon IVS and AWS Lambda.
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Thanks for your help.
When users load and play the video, I want to use AWS Lambda functions to validate the request before aws returns the live streaming. I didn't find where to add the AWS Lambda functions when I edited the ivs channel.

answered 3 years ago

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