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/How to set off automatic filtering in QuickSight?/

How to set off automatic filtering in QuickSight?


I am using logs as data source and want to visualise time series data in AWS QuickSight. I filter on specific identifiers. It is important to monitor the complete time series, including anomalies. The subtitles of the scatter plots say "Showing top 50 in column_1 and top 14 in column_2".

How does QuickSight select the data shown in visualizations?

And how can I avoid this automatic selection (as I do not want to lose any data points)? I want to monitor all raw data.

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1 Answers

Thank you for the detailed explanation. I want to inform you that the Scatter plot shows up to 50 points on X, up-to 50 points on Y (within each X), so the total number of points can be 2500 in both cases (group and non-group). However if your use-case requires more data points than 2500 at this moment it is not possible to increase. 2500 is a hard limit. Please refer here for more information.

According our Visual Types document, all visual types limit the number of data points they display, so that the visual elements are still easy to view and analyze. The visual selects the first n number of rows for display up to the limit for that visual type. The number of data points supported varies by visual type. To learn more about display limits for a particular visual type, see the topic for that type.

The visual title identifies the number of data points displayed if you have reached the display limit for that visual type. If you have a large dataset and want to avoid running into the visual display limit, use one or more filters to reduce the amount of data displayed. For more information about using filters with visuals refer here.

answered 3 months ago

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