How to get SNS notification when Route53 domain registration done


Hi we are making API call to Route53 to register domain, we got an operation job id and we could currently only keep polling to see if the job is done.

Question: is there a way to make it possible to receive SNS notifications when jobs is done so we could just subscribe to it? Thank you!

1 Answer

Create an SNS topic and subscribe to it. Use the RegisterDomain API and have this snippet inside it. <Notification> <TopicArn>InsertARNHere</TopicArn> <Enabled>true</Enabled> <Sns>...</Sns> </Notification>

answered 6 months ago
  • Thank you, we will give it a try!

    We are using AWS NodeJS SDK (@aws-sdk/client-route-53-domains), do you know what's the right way include the SNS snippet in the request? Or share the documentation to us about it, that would be great too!

  • Try this Notification: { TopicArn: "InsertARNHere", Enabled: true, Sns: { ... } }

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