HI, Having problem w my query. It says "S3 location provided to save your query results is invalid". Can you help me with this?

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Without any context to what you are doing I can only provide this as a suggestion.


Verify that the S3 path is accurate

Verify that the query result location specified in the Athena console is pointing to the correct S3 path. Also, be sure to include a trailing slash (/) at the end of the S3 path (example: s3://doc_example_bucket/doc_example_folder/).

Verify that the S3 location is in the same Region

Verify that the S3 location provided for saving the query results is in the same Region where you run the queries.

Verify that the IAM user has sufficient permissions to access the query result files

Verify that the IAM user has the required permissions to access and view the query output files. The IAM user/role needs permissions to the following actions:

  • GetObject
  • GetQueryResults
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