Centos is running as ec2 free tier, but it keeps stopping.


Centos is running as ec2 free tier, but it keeps stopping. The command I used is $> create-react-app .(installing react app) During the installation, the server stops and there is no ssh connection after that. After a day or so, ssh access is possible. The next day, if i check with $> dmesg, it says that an Out of memory error has occurred. Even after rebooting, it does not connect and only connects after more than a day. Is there any reason for this? What should I do to solve it?

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Hi there

Instance status checks: Instance status checks monitor the software and network configuration of your individual instance. Amazon EC2 checks the health of the instance by sending an address resolution protocol (ARP) request to the network interface (NIC). These checks detect problems that require your involvement to repair. When an instance status check fails, you typically must address the problem yourself (for example, by rebooting the instance or by making instance configuration changes).[2]

The following are examples of problems that can cause instance status checks to fail: Failed system status checks Incorrect networking or startup configuration Exhausted memory Corrupted file system Incompatible kernel Please note If the error "Out of memory: kill process" appears in the instance's system log, then the instance's memory is exhausted. When the memory is exhausted, the kernel doesn't have enough memory to run and other processes are terminated to free memory

move up to a bigger instance type with more RAM than your current instance. https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/

To help troubleshoot this issue, If you currently do not have access to the instance, you will need to stop and start the instance which will give you access to your instance and will be able to start your webserver. Please note that rebooting the server will not stop the memory issue on the instance, stop and start will.

With the above, I will advise you to monitor your instance performance using tools such as Atop which will provide a record of process usage by each application and this way, you can know what is causing high consumption of processes at a given time and find a solution to address the issue such as configuring your server to be able to handle high workload or opting for a larger instance type.

[a] Configure Atopr Monitoring tools.[]https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/ec2-linux-configure-monitoring-tools/

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