Instance says running but site not up


My wordpress instance on lightsail reads as running, however when going to my site, my domain provider alerts me that there is no site tied to the domain yet. Lightsail has done this since I started using it. The site seems to go down whenever it wants and back up just as unpredictably. My overall CPU usage has stayed under 5% as my site has been down for 99% of the time I've had it as an instance. Restarting the instance seems to have minimal effect.

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Thanks for using Lightsail. I have checked the instance and it seems the instance is in good state. I'm able to access your site via the instance public ip address. However, I can't access your site via the domain name. Can you check your domain configuration to make sure it has the correct settings? I have a reference doc about how to update the domain entry for your reference.

answered 3 years ago

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