Can I expose CloudWatch metrics?


I know that you can send metrics from services outside of AWS into CloudWatch to display on dashboards. I'm wondering if the inverse is possible? For example, if I have an EventBridge in AWS, does CloudWatch have an endpoint I can hit to pull Invocation count or other metrics from outside AWS?

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Yes you can. Publishing custom metrics is a great start. Additionally, you can also look into CloudWatch Metric Steams for a more robust large scale solution.

answered a year ago
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  • These solutions seems to point to pushing data IN to AWS Metrics. I'm looking to export the metrics to my own custom server. Does AWS support that functionality?


Without knowing what kind of custom server this is, I would urge you look at how many of the partner services like Dynatrace, Datadog, Splunk. Sumo Logic etc. consume CW data. The solution is built upon CW pushing metrics to Kinesis Firehose. Firehose can then deliver the payload to variety of destination including http endpoints.

answered a year ago

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