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Windows Server "Show default password" Your password isn't available yet.


I can't log into my instance after a reboot.

The message is "Your password isn't available yet. Please try again later." when I click the [code]Show Default Password`[/code] button.

The help refers to "We do not recommend changing the default password using the Windows Server password manager." I did not do that. This was simply a reboot after a PRTG monitoring software upgrade.

It's Windows_Server_2016-1GB-London-1
I don't know the "instance ID" as the interface doesn't make it obvious where to find it.

Please help because this is a huge crisis.

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2 Answers


It turns out I had changed the password! I tried an old password of 6 months ago and it worked. I guess this message is a bit confusing for admin: "Your password isn't available yet" making one think that the password isn't issued YET.

My I add I dread the day that I actually have to recover the password.

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answered 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for using Lightsail. In the event that you need to recover your password next time, you can try our guide here to retrieve your password:

answered 3 years ago

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