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Configure EC2 instances with workload option


Hi team,

We have a requirement to configure EC2 instance with Daily spike traffic in order to minimize the monthly cost.

I would need how to configure the instance with below details. EC2 instance type is r5.xlarge. Windows server with SQL web edition

Workload: Daily spike traffic. Workload days 5 days a week. Baseline 0 Peak 1 Duration of peak (hours, minutes) 12 hours daily.

Thanks in advance.

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Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps you ensure that you have the correct number of Amazon EC2 instances available to handle the load for your application. You create collections of EC2 instances, called Auto Scaling groups. You can specify the minimum number of instances in each Auto Scaling group, and Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling ensures that your group never goes below this size.

To create and manage scheduled actions. Please follow the procedure described in the guide:

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answered 6 days ago
  • I will need to deploy only one EC2 instance, Auto scaling feature does not work. Why i would to configure EC2 with these specifications, to minimize the cost. Daily workload days- 5 days in a week, 2 days instance needs to be shutdown. Baseline value must be set to 0 Peak value must be set to 1 EC2 instance run 12 hours daily.

  • Hello,

    You said: "I will need to deploy only one EC2 instance, Auto scaling feature does not work." Can you please elaborate on that?

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