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How to validate request path parameters for API Gateway in OpenAPI definition


Currently, there is a way to validate headers, query parameters, and the request body using a validator. But there isn't a way to do this validation for request path parameters.

The same question has been asked in the thread from 2017.

However, there hasn't been an answer in that thread. So my question would be: is there a way to validate request path parameters in API Gateway similar to how we validate headers, query parameters, and the request body?

Thank you

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Accepted Answer

It is still not possible to validate the format of path parameters, only their existence. You will need to validate the format in the integration.

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answered 8 months ago

Hi there, perhaps I'm not fully understanding your question, however if there path is incorrect, there won't be an API Gateway resource on the back end to hit so any validation on that path would need to happen client side. I'm not aware of any option in the OpenApi definition to add validation on the path parameters.

answered 8 months ago

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