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Should I Buy Developer or Business Support?


Hi, I am a Developer work for my company (small to medium company, you can call it startup).

Currently we have a plan to migrate our asset/image/file from our server (we have TB amount of file) to S3. After several research and comparing to another storage service provider, we decide to plan to migrating to AWS S3. The thing that I want to ask is since I am a Developer, not an Infrastructure guy, I want to buy the support plan. I need a professional support because I never use any AWS service (I used Digital Ocean, Linode, GCP before). What I know is just some article, tutorial in the internet. I don't know if the solution they tell is the reliable one and suitable or base practice for our case. And AWS have a lot (yes, a lot) service that makes me overwhelm. A lot of option makes me more confuse what to choose.

I am a Developer, what I supposed to do is the matter one: Building an app, making the idea happened. I Develop app, not infrastructure. I plan to buy the Developer or Business support which confusing me too, lol. If I want AWS support to help me to do my project that I tell earlier, which support should I choose? I want the support that hold handy, give me clear technical guide, how to install this, that, how to do this that based on our servers, etc.

I see the enterprise support is out of our budget range so the plan is only Developer support and Business support.

Hope you understand what I said, I appreciate any feedback given to me.

Thanks :)

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1 Answer

Hi! Good question.

Here's a good chart with the differences between support plans:

While Business will offer better architectural guidance (contextual to your use-cases), if your architectural design is primarily S3, you may be ok with the Developer Support Plan.

Both plans will have enhanced technical support to help answer questions. There is a difference between level of support such as Developer only will have business hours email access to cloud support associates and business will have 24x7 phone, email, and chat access to Cloud Support Engineers.

One thing you can do is start with the Developer Support Plan and then upgrade to Business if you want more support.

Good luck building in AWS!

answered 8 months ago

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