How to understand why CloudFront returns 301?


I posted it earlier here, but didn't receive a response:

I have a distribution in CloudFront pointing to a custom origin. It worked just fine for more than five years and just a few weeks ago started to return 301 for all requests. The origin works as before, SSL certificates are valid both at the CloudFront endpoint and at the origin. The configuration of the "behavior" I didn't change in CloudFront. What could be the problem and how can I understand where is it?

If it helps, here is the URL: The origin that it points to is Thus, the URL to be used to fetch the content is this: (works for me). All information is public, no sensitive information is revealed.

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0 for me returns:

Please, submit this stacktrace to GitHub and we'll try to help:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: [GET] failed in 0ms: [400] Parameter "u" is mandatory in

as if I hadn't passed "?u=...". Have you set a cache policy on your CF distribution that excludes this or all query string params from the cache & being sent to the origin?

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  • Dear expert, please try to use curl -v instead of a browser. You will understand what I'm talking about in the question above. Yes, I configured the caching policy to use all query arguments (NOT exclude them).


There was a problem with the version of TLS/SSL. I set it to SSLv3 and now it works.

answered a year ago

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